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Industry Affiliations

Crescent Baths & Kitchens and our employees are actively involved with several local and national organizations. These affiliations keep us current with the latest in market trends, product design and local economic development. We are associated with:

  • American Society of Interior Design (ASID)
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • Several builders associations across western Pennsylvania
  • Forté Buying Group
  • Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA)
  • 16:62 Design Zone

Testimonials and Awards

  • Pittsburgh Magazine – Best of Design 2021
  • Read what one well-known local interior designer has to say
  • Supply House Times Showroom of the Year – Finalist
  • Supply House Times Showroom of the Year – Honorable Mention
  • Forté Most Improved Showroom of the Year
  • WHIRL Magazine, January 2009 – Don’t Masquerade – Just Design

Company History

The Short Version

Opened as a traditional plumbing and heating supply business in 1950, Crescent Supply has evolved into western Pennsylvania’s premium supplier of residential and light commercial plumbing fixtures and fittings. During that time our business has grown to include kitchen design and cabinetry for both the kitchen and bath.

Crescent Baths & Kitchens continues to be family owned and operated, with three locations serving western Pennsylvania as well as eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia.

The Longer Version

In 1950, Leonard Hartstein was looking to expand outside of his existing retail hardware business. He was introduced to Morris Baker, and the two founded Crescent Supply. The company name came from a brand of water heater that was popular at the time. Their new company opened on the first floor of the American Legion building on Kelly Street in Homewood – just a few miles from where we are currently located. But much happened between then and now, including two devastating fires and four relocations.

Major manufacturers were not interested in selling their lines to a new start-up. So Crescent Supply began distributing lesser-known Richmond plumbing fixtures along with traditional plumbing commodities like pipe and fittings. (At that time, Richmond, as well as American Standard and Eljer all had manufacturing facilities in western PA.)

In 1954 Saul Chosky came from the Koppers Company to join Crescent Supply and develop their fledgling heating and cooling business. A couple of years later, the Rheem company bought Richmond and renamed the manufacturing company Rheem-Richmond.

On Thanksgiving eve, 1956, following a holiday celebration at the American Legion hall, a fire destroyed the building leaving Crescent Supply without any facilities.

Crescent Supply relocated in what had been a steel pipe manufacturing facility on Railroad Street in Springdale, PA. A couple of years later, Baker and Chosky bought out Hartstein’s interest in the company.

In 1962 Baker and Chosky purchased the Triangle Toy Company building on the same spot where we currently operate. Prior to that the building was owned by the Hubbard Tool Company. But there was to be yet another major interruption.

Crescent Supply became a Kohler distributor in 1965. A few years later, a second location in Punxsutawney, PA was opened. And about three years after that, a third location was opened in Beaver, PA. A man named Dick Liston was working in the Pittsburgh operation at the time and became the first manager of what is now our Darlington branch.

In 1973 Saul Chosky’s son, Michael, joined the company and two years later Mr. Baker’s son, Steve, came on board.

In 1981 a major fire ravaged the Pittsburgh building destroying everything but the portion we now know as “A” Building. The original building was constructed before the Robert Fleming (62nd Street) Bridge existed, and the bridge had been built over a portion of the original building. So the fire destroyed not only Crescent Supply, but warped the bridge so badly that it was closed for years while being repaired.

Again without a building, the Pittsburgh operation relocated temporarily to nearby space where All Foreign Auto Parts currently stands. Crescent Supply operated out of these temporary facilities as well as the branch locations while a new building was constructed.

It was at this time that Crescent Supply decided to move towards becoming more of an upscale plumbing supply house, slowly moving away from selling exclusively through plumbers. The new building presented the ideal opportunity to open the company’s first serious showroom.

The building in which we work today, completed in 1982, is on the very same site as the original, although local government wisely insisted that no part of the new building be constructed under the bridge. If you look in our front “cage” area you can see part of the original retaining walls and foundation.

In 1987, Mr. Baker’s son-in-law, Emil Neufeld, joined the company. In 1989 we computerized from what had been an almost entirely manual system. It was also the year we opened our State College location.

Now, remember Dick Liston? Over the years he brought his two sons, Bill and Ted in to work with him at the Darlington location. Dick eventually retired, leaving his sons as co-managers. When we opened our State College operation we looked to the Liston brothers to provide a manager. Ted moved to State College and has been there ever since. In fact, he has recently brought his two sons – Adam and Andrew – into our business as well, marking three generations of Listons having worked for Crescent Supply.

In 1997 we closed our Punxsutawney location and exited the heating and cooling business, leaving us with our current three locations.

Between 1989 and 2006 we went through three major construction projects in our Pittsburgh showroom. The first enlarged our plumbing showroom to its current size. The second converted unfinished space on the second floor into our kitchen showroom. And the third, in 2006, completely modernized our plumbing showroom to what we have today.

Over the years Crescent Supply has received many awards, most notably from the Kohler Company when we reached $5 million in purchases during a single year. Crescent Supply was also featured on the cover of a leading industry publication, Supply House Times, in April 1992.

After over 65 years, Crescent Supply continues to be family owned and operated providing homeowners in western and central Pennsylvania with innovative, high-quality products and experienced, personalized service.


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